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Do You Really Need A First Look?

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Like most couples you've spent over a year planning your wedding, carefully considering every detail, stressing out over seating charts, family drama, and picking out the perfect vendors!

You've invested a lot of money and time planning your wedding and you deserve to enjoy it! A first look will help you do just that.

Things are different today than they were when our parents got married and photographers developed all their photos in a dark room. Today with digital cameras the volume of photographs able to be taken is vastly larger, and with the influence of social platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram people have much higher expectations. They want that photo of T-Rex chasing them, the flower girls holding a picture frame - and don't forget the sparkler exit! The list is endless.

Furthermore, people are choosing multiple locations for their photo sessions. Driving from Broad Street to the Art Museum on a Friday in rush hour traffic takes time. Which brings me to my main point, TIME!

Having a first look gives you the luxury of time, now you can get all of those pictures on your laundry list and still enjoy your loved ones. Because isn't that what this day is all about? Enjoying the company of the most important people in your lives? 

But you're still not convinced, because you're a "traditional" bride and you want to have that epic moment you've seen in the movies. The one where he sees you for the first time when you're coming down the aisle and he cries at the very sight of you.

Let me tell you, I have been a firsthand witness in over 300 first looks. It does not take away from that moment you walk down the aisle.

Something fantastic happens in that moment, when everyone rises and you're standing at the end of the aisle, gripping onto your dads arm, walking towards the love of your life.

It's the moment itself that is Epic. Having a first look will not change that moment for you, I promise! If your groom was going to cry when he saw you walking towards him, he will still cry whether you had a first look or not.

People also don't realize what a production their wedding day is, you may think that once you get to the reception you can finally relax, enjoy yourself and start mingling. But there are so many formalities to get through before that can happen, again all of these things take time.

What typically happens at your reception is your guests are asked to enter the ballroom while you and your bridal party wait in the hallway to be announced. On average entrances start 20 to 30 minutes late because they are still waiting for guests to make their way to the ballroom and gathering your bridal party. And then half of them are still at the bar while the other half are in the bathroom and of course there is that one groomsman you can't find anywhere because he went outside to smoke!

Then, after entrances you still have to get through all of your special dances and toasts. You aren't going to get a chance to eat anything but your salad, as long as you don't mind scarfing it down while your MOH is telling you all about how you are the most amazing couple in the world and your Videographer and Photographer film and take pictures of you stuffing your face!

Then let's not forget you still have to eat dinner, your now 2 hours into your reception and you only have 2 hours left to have a heart to heart with everyone who came to celebrate with you. Who knows if you'll even make it out onto the dance floor?

You owe it to yourself to enjoy the day you spent so long planning! You aren't your mom who got married before the age of the digital camera, so don't get stuck on the idea of an outdated tradition. Now you can clearly see why you need to have a first look and why it will be one of the best decisions you make for your big day.

What the rest of your day will look like with a First Look

  • You get to have a sweet intimate moment with your new spouse to be, cry together, have a conversation together, calm each other's nerves, make out a little!

  • You aren't in a rush now, no one likes to feel rushed because being rushed equals stress and you don't want to be stressed out on your wedding day!

  • You get to take that laundry list of pictures you found on Pinterest

  • You get to take all those different groupings of family photos

  • You get to have 2 first looks!

  • You get to go to cocktail hour which means you can finally eat (and believe me your hungry) AND HAVE DRINK!

  • You can start visiting with your guests during cocktail hour instead of doing it all during the reception (which will be after entrances, special dances and toasts, and all of that takes up a lot of time)

  • You'll actually get out on the dance floor because you're not spending the whole reception going to every table

  • You will enjoy the Reception you just spent over a year planning

What the day will look like without a First Look

  • When you finally see each other you can't really talk to each other till after the ceremony

  • You have to rush through pictures during cocktail hour because you only have an hour

  • You don't get to eat anything for a long time

  • You don't get to talk to anyone for a long time

  • You spend the two remaining hours after formalities are over talking to guests at your reception

  • You barely make it out to the dance floor if at all

  • You're exhausted!

Now enjoy Kerri and Barrett's first look in their Feature Film!

Videographer: Alyssa Kaufman Films

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