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This is usually the section where I tell you where I went to College and how long I've been in the wedding industry and all that jazz, but who really cares!? I could tell you anything! But that's just my opinion, maybe you don't think I'm as funny as I think I am!!! Instead I thought I'd have a few of my AMAZING brides tell you what you actually want to know about me! 

So here goes....


From the first phone call Alyssa has felt more like family than someone I just happened to hire to shoot my wedding. She is so genuine and the conversations we had up to the big day felt like talking to your best friend. Additionally, her professionalism and confidence is something that I never had to question; not a single time. Alyssa surpassed my expectations on both a personal and professional level.


May I add that my wedding day would have LITERALLY fallen apart without her. When my wedding day took an unexpected turn due to sudden rainy and dark weather, Alyssa was confident and prepared! Right when I began to think the day couldn't continue she swooped in and provided that personal and professional relationship she worked so hard to build; just in time for when I needed someone the most. She took the time to talk to me like a friend and assured me that everything would be okay. Immediately she proceeded to make good on her word. Just like that she sprung into action and pulled out these large lights that provided the light we needed to continue. On top of that she incorporated the rain into the video as if it was the best decoration that nature could have gifted us for our wedding.


Because of her I gained two things: an amazing friend that I can call whenever, even to this day and a cinematic masterpiece of a wedding video that I just happen to replay every week since she delivered it to me! 


Alyssa is an amazing videographer and artist, she is also so much more than that! She documented our wedding day so beautifully in her breathtaking dramatic style.


She is thoughtful in her shooting so that your day will unfold naturally and genuinely and she will be there to capture the most heartfelt and awe-inspiring moments.


One thing that I love about Alyssa and her videos is how real all of the moments are, not staged and not forced. She captures small details gorgeously and there is deep heart in her videos. 

Working with her it’s easy to see that she is full of love, care, and compassion. There is no one better to have around on your wedding day; she wants everything to go perfectly as much as you do and she has the skills to help that happen. She has such an amazing heart to make your video and wedding experience the very best and most beautiful it can be. Everyone needs an Alyssa!!


Alyssa is truly the best in the business.  When you watch her films you will see first hand her incredible talent.  You will also experience her deep and genuine care for her clients.


Our search for a wedding videographer ended the moment we found her.  She was ultra-responsive from the very first email, and even though she was fully booked for October 2021 she graciously opened up one more date to make herself available for our wedding.


Working with Alyssa from start to finish was an absolute dream. She always made plenty of time to chat over the phone during the planning process to understand our vision and answer all of our questions thoroughly.  When we were undecided on which package we wanted to move forward with, Alyssa guided us to the best fit while also reassuring us we could “add-on” options as we approached the big day. 


The day of, Alyssa was prompt (early!), prepared, professional, and full of life!  She truly brought the energy from the moment she entered the bridal suite to the last toast of the evening.  Alyssa made us feel comfortable in front of the camera, allowing us to be ourselves and capture the real emotion and feeling of the day.  In addition to capturing all of the big moments for our video, Alyssa even made surprise “behind the scenes” footage which was so fun to watch back while on our honeymoon. Two years later, we are able to relive the best day of our lives captured beautifully on film thanks to Alyssa.


The connection you will form is more than client & videographer.  It will turn into a friendship (and fanship!) for the long run.  Alyssa’s passion for her craft and artistic approach to filmmaking set her apart!

While I never want to plan a wedding again, I would love to find a way and reason to work with Alyssa again!! 


Choosing a videographer for your wedding is important. This is a video you will watch over and over throughout the years and you want it to be your style and reflect your raw emotions. As soon as we viewed Alyssa’s portfolio of work, we knew she was the perfect balance between natural and curated. She has this way of highlighting special moments that makes you feel the day all over again!


I think our introductory call with her went on for an hour because we hit it off so easily. Alyssa is sweet, fun, and talented, and she really takes the time to listen to your priorities. On the day of your wedding, she will add a bubbly spark that makes you laugh and feel comfortable being on camera. 


When I reached out to Alyssa after our wedding to check on our video progress, she said this: “I’m working as fast as I can while still taking the time each video needs to hold up to my standards.” She doesn’t just care about turnaround times, but she really puts in effort to make every single video the best it can be, and it shows. Thank you to Alyssa and her team for giving us the best possible way to relive our big day whenever we want! 


Any bride knows that the wedding planning process can be very stressful. It takes a lot of time and research to pick the perfect vendors. During my time as a bride I tasked my maid of honor with what I considered one of the most critical jobs: HELP ME FIND THE PERFECT VIDEOGRAPHER. Moments after she sent me Alyssa’s contact information I drafted an email, hit send, and prayed that she was available on my wedding date. The rest was history. 


During my first conversation with Alyssa I expressed to her how important our wedding video was and how much time I had put into trying to find a videographer. I wanted all the emotions of the day captured and had a very particular vision. Her thoughtfully unique, raw, documentary style was exactly what I had been searching for and was what initially captured my attention. I was already sold on Alyssa’s work before we had our initial call but after chatting with her that night I knew there was nobody else I wanted to film our wedding. I ended my conversation with her feeling like I had not only made a new friend but also secured the best videographer around! 


Alyssa was the first vendor I met the morning of my wedding. She showed up and was calm, confident, and professional. She set the tone for the entire day and worked well with my photographer and other vendors to keep the day flowing seamlessly. She also added some much needed humor to a day that could have otherwise felt a little tense and overwhelming at times. To say she was a pleasure to work with would be an understatement. 


Watching our wedding video for the first time I was blown away by the attention to detail. She highlighted all the big moments I hoped were captured and so many I didn’t even remember happening. It was evident that she put so much love and time into making it perfect for us. My husband and I are celebrating our one year anniversary this weekend and we cannot wait to relive our perfect day, all thanks to the magic Alyssa created. If you have the opportunity to work with Alyssa on your wedding day I promise it will be the easiest decision you make throughout the planning process (besides picking your future spouse). 


Let's be real, what you really want to know about is my cat!


Aria is the unsung hero! You can often find her on my lap or sprawled out over my computer while I'm trying to work. Like she is currently doing right this very moment as I'm typing her bio (I took a picture if you don't believe me) She presses all the wrong buttons and gets mad at me when I try to adjust her a little so I can get my editing done. I guess she thinks I can put a roof over our head with my good looks and wit! But I wouldn't change it for the world!

You can find more Aria content in my Instagram stories if this adorable picture of her isn't enough!


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