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Megan + Nicholas (Highlight) #finallyforgione

Megan + Nicholas (Highlight) #finallyforgione

(Sigh) I’m just in love with these two! I’m not really sure I worked on their wedding day! All I remember is laughing and having fun! It also didn’t hurt that the lovely @iam_ceciliagrace was the photographer and was a total hoot! Right before the ceremony started, I turned to Cecilia and I said, this day is going so smoothly, it’s been such an easy day! Well wouldn’t you know that half way through the Ceremony the skies opened up and we had to finish inside! My only regret is that I wish I had some footage of the chaos of everybody running inside and maybe some rain drops on the window pane but there was no time! Despite the fact that it torrentially down poured on their wedding, it didn’t rain on their parade! ���(See what I did there?!? I’m so cheesy!) Oh, and their vows to each other were the chefs kiss! When I sat down to go through their wedding and I listened to them I was already a blubbering mess! I knew once I added the music I’d be done for! Aaaaaaanywoo, you just need to watch Megan and Nicholas’s film and see all the goodness for yourselves! My ramblings don’t do it justice! It’s a good thing I’m not a writer! Finally, to the happy couple! I’m so glad that you chose me to tell your story! I love you guys so much! I’m in such a good mood because I stared at your smiling faces all week long! Thank you for being full of so much joy! I hope you have the happiest life together! Love your friends (And by friends, I mean meeeeeeee!) at Alyssa Kaufman Films! Photographer - Cecilia Grace Venue - Hotel Du Village Floral - Bloomers & Things, Bloomers Wedding and Event Florist DJ - Elegant Music Group, DJ Chano Music - Judah Earl, Musicbed, Musicbed Wedding Gear and Lenses - Allen's Camera, edelkrone, DJI Global, Sony - Alpha Universe
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