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About   Me...


This is usually the section where you would hear about my education, experience, and all that jazz! But instead, I'm going to share other important facts about me that you need to know if  we're going to work together!

First of all, If you can't tell already, I overuse the exclamation mark! I can't help myself! I think I'm excited about everything!

I have the most adorable kitty in the world, Aria, and if you don't believe me, you can see her on my Instagram page! (Go ahead and look, I'm waiting) I can also provide you with references of people who can prove that she is! (To your benefit, A-lot of them are photographers)

I dabbled in Stand Up Comedy for a time! I'll even let you watch the poorly filmed video here! (Disclaimer, this video is really old and I did not shoot it!) I think I'm pretty funny, but I'll let you be the judge!

I am a very passionate, charismatic person and I pour my heart into everything that I do! I have a great love for people which I believe shows in my work and in my presence. On your wedding day you will barely notice me filming you but we will be best friends before you say "I do!" I'll probably say a bunch of inappropriate things that makes you laugh and ask you to make out a lot!  So let's have some fun and make some epic memories!

Click here for an unnecessarily Epic
bio reading by Alyssa Kaufman
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